Saturday, 16 April 2011

Salute 2011

                                                                                                           Salute 2011 Show Model

So today was the South London Warlords Wargaming Club annual SALUTE event @ London Excel Centre.
The event is held every year where there are table top war games from varied manufacturers from Weird, Mantic Games, Perry Miniatures, Privateer Press, MicroArt Studio, Maximini, Heresy, Hasslefree Miniatures, Chessex UK, Wayland Games. There were demo games and lots more.

The Highlights for me were looking at the different resin bases made by the various companys, getting my first Battlefoam Bag from Wayland Games. I also got to have a chat to The Foamy Overlord aka Romeo along with some of the other UK Freebootaz that went.

So a shout out to the UK Freebootaz that I saw and chatted to at the event, Brother Grim, Ultra Taff, Wizard, Mr & Mrs Happyboozer. It was great catching up and there are plans in the pipe line for a southern meet up some time soon. Back to the chat with Romeo, he let slip that since Brother Grim had been to Adepticon earlier that month, 40k radio co host Rick has been non stop talking about Brother Grim. He let slip that there may be a little crush going on. Looking forword to seeing more of this develop!

So apart for that it was a good day and will be along next year no dout.
Wookie Jedi

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