Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

First of Happy New Year to all that read my blog.
 A big thanks for those that have taken time to read the little that I have written about so far I plan to do more this year both writing and hobbying. But with anything and best laid plans it may happen or it may not.

Well The new year is in and that means new challenges in real life and also gaming. I plan to try and do the Freebootaz yearly painting challenge. I have mentioned it before in one of my past posts. We are set goals for each month to paint to table top standard a model or models that fall into that months category. If you finish by the middle of the month you get Gold, by the end of the month Silver and finished any time that year Bronze. So my challenge is to re do my Necron force as the new codex has been out for a while now. I need to gather some new units to add to my horde.

The Painting
well I think that I will re base coat all what I have and then go from there I have a gut feeling to a red and black colour scheme. Trying to uses the Games Workshop black and green theme that they did as a guide to do mine replacing the green for the red. As long as I try and make time for this I don't see why I shouldn't have a nice looking force some time soon. I will be bloging their progress and poss a tutorial on how I do it.

I have a friendly little tournament to attend in Feb. This will be my first attempt at something competitive so we shall see how it goes and if I can I will have an entry covering it.

Thats all for now and I'll see you soon