Monday, 22 April 2013

The Freebootaz forum

So time to pimp the forum that I belong to.

40k Radio podcast have their own subscription based forum called The Freebootaz. It costs about $30 /£20 for a years subs. It is a family friendly forum with no Trolls of flaming. Your opinion is exactly that we will not try and tell you yours.

We have members from across the globe with the larger contingent coming from the USA followed by the UK. There are sub clubs for these regions where Bootaz (forum members) regularly get together for gaming. The UK Bootaz go up to Warhammer World in Nottingham for gaming, socials and Games Workshop events.

If you fancy joining follow the link below join up give the forum a go and join in a great world wide gaming community.

40k Radio website

The Freebootaz go to Salute 2013

So Salute came and the Freebootaz went and had a blast. Our first attendance in an official capacity.
A table was set with some fine looking models thanks to Andy for his Wolves, Orks, Deathwatch. Cowface for his friends Storm Ravens, me for a few Necrons and I think the star attraction was Brother Grim's 2 Warhound and the Reaver Titans. These seemed to pull in the crowds.

We were there promoting our forum The Freebootaz the official forum of 40K Radio podcast.

There were loads of stands with some great models and games to be had. Here is a few of the flyers/cards that I picked up.

What I realy liked about these is their "Black OPS" Exo-Lords. models that haven't fell to far for the GW tree by the look. Some very impressive looking "SM" with great weapons options.

A company that produces some modular tables and scenery.
including a great looking BloodBowl pitch for £60 unpainted and £90 painted. Had a hold of this peice and wasnt heavy totransport at all.

Makers of some great looking fantasy (yes I dare mention square basing on a round base forum) Dwarves.

makers of some great looking Dawn Of Apocalypse & 2000AD models

Makers of Laser cut MDF painting trays and stands/racks of various sorts. They do Paint brush stands, Display racks and much more!

A kickstarter for a grest looking fantasy wrestling game
"Da Clash!" is a boardgame with miniatures for 2 players created and developed by Ammon Miniatures. Fun, fast and addictive, a game lasts for about 20 minutes.

"Unique in its kind and innovative, it is a perfect crossover between a miniatures game and a board game. Da Clash! is intended for both pure gamers and miniatures lovers.
Inspired by the Mexican Lucha Libre, Z m"

Ive jumped in this as I think that it would be a great little travel game to have.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Let the Wookie Win!!!

Well the Wookie is back in the game! I have finally done it and got back on the hobbying horse (Not the rocking kind). After what seams like a long time I have re-acquainted my hobby tools with my hands. I've been off work now since Jan 31st after having a op to remove some of the end of my collar bone. So While sat at a job rehabilitation center in sunny (well snowing actually) Oxfordshire country side I decided to bring some new Necrons with me and get on with the job in hand.
So what have I done then? Ive so far built a 3 Tomb Blades from my secret Santa, A Command Barge and half way through a Ghost Ark. Hope to have them all prepped for painting by the end of the week. I then am hoping for a Air Brush for my B'Day so will then be able to get painting again.

Stay posted for further updates

Stay Frosty