Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This is something I started a while ago based on the way Forge World wrote about planets in their early Imperial Armour books. The idea was based on my Necron force that I have. They were a dormant force on the planet of HERTS II, until the Imperial fleet arrived and colonised the planet. I have used my own fictitious system and planets based on the UK.

Please have a read and leave any comments about it. 
Wookie Jedi


ING-GERLAND SYSTEM: 7 Planets in the Eastern Fringe: ESS’X I & II OXOTHORD & HERTS I-II-III & DEVURN (a barren rook planet). 3 inhabited ESS’X II, HERTS I & II.

SIZE: Equatorial distance 101,000 miles.
SATALLITES: None only an Asteroid belt.
ROTATIONAL SPEED: 1,570 MPH. 1 day =  70 Terra hours.
POPULAS: Approx 45,000,000 (humanoid)
CLASS: Metal & Mineral Ore Mining.  


CLIMATE: Temps mostly from -1°C ~ 20°C. Coolest climates are in the two mountainous poles reaching -50°C. Rain is rare on this planet. HERTS II spends most of its day in darkness (51 Terra hours).
CLIMATIC REGIONS: HERTS II has three main climate regions, the mountains, the plains & the seas.The seas cover only about 28% of the planets surface. The mountain ranges which cover most of the surface area (approx 42%) and the plains covering the remaining (30%). The planet has 3 major continents, with Beta covering the north polar mountain range and plains. Theta covers the southern polar cap. Gama has the largest amount of mountains and plains. It also houses the two cities and the majority of the mining operations. Theta receives the majority of the cold weather thus hindering the mining in this area. HERTS II supports a small amount of plant life. This consists of mostly trees mosses and grasses. There are few forests dotted around the planet surface arranged were the mountains meat the plains. This supports the low level Owhich makes the planet habitable. There are small amounts of sea life which feed of the algae that grows in the warmer regions of the seas.

PLANETARY GOVERNOR: Governor High Lady Candice De’AGUILE IV of House De’AGUILE.

SOCIETY: Mostly working class families. With a small ruling class consisting of 6 Houses which all take it in turn to elect a governor from their House once every 2 HERTS II years (5 TERRA years).

ECONOMY: 45,000,000 known souls inhabit HERTS II, in its 2 major cities of St EVEN’AGE & Gt ASH BAY and the two minor city ports, Old TOWN & Neb’WORTH , one for each of the other continents to ship the mined ore to the space port sited on the southern coast of Gama. The rest of the population live and work in the mines doted outside the cities. The mines have dug most of the plains and have now moved into the mountain rages. Several small communities have established outside the ruling body, in the high mountains of the dark lands. Most of the populace work in the mines rotating the daily shift between the working families. Other minor industries assist in the daily running of the planet and its neighbours.

URBANISATION: The 2 cities of St EVEN’AGE & Gt ASH BAY, house the majority of the population. St EVEN’AGE was colonised first and thus being the governing centre of HERTS II, the home for the 6 ruling cartels, the planets administrators. Gt ASH BAY is the hub for the ore collection and export. There is only one space port which is centred between the 2 cities. The ore mines are sited around the cities in the ore fields that run below ground.
Most of the buildings on HERTS are built sub-terrain. This is to combat the low temps and the strong winds that hamper the plains.
There is a Mono Grav-Rail which connects the two cities with each other and the space port. There are several smaller rail systems in place which serve the ore collection from the larger mines to the processing plants in Gt ASH BAY.


IMPERIAL GUARD RECRUITMENT: Departmento Munitorum records show HERTS II has raised 12 guard regiments. The herts 1st and 4th were both wiped out during the defence of CADIAN GATE against the forces of Abberdon the Despoiler. HERTS 2nd, 3rd & 5th are currently garrisoned in the CADIAN SYSTEM assisting with the defence of the GATE. The 6th was merged with the ESS’X 209th after the DAMOCLAS crusade. The HERTS 7th & 9th
are part of a task force sent to combat the Hive fleet KRAKEN from return. The HERTS 8th was lost in the warp wile on route to the TALAUQE Crusade and nothing has been
heard from them since. The HERTS 10th is currently stationed with the ESS’X 98th and 101st Airborne on their home planet of ESS’X II (HERTS II’s closest neighbour and the systems HQ). The HERTS 11th (Shock Troops) is assisting Lord INQUISTOR Jaqus ULTHORS (Classified information-authorization level Alfa-Gamma 3). The HERTS 12th was used in the defence of the Ork incursion into the ARMAGEDON system. They Sustained heavy losses and were de-commissioned by Commissar YARAK due to the cowardice shown by their officers of the regiment. All the remaining officers were summarily executed personally by YARAK, and the few remaining guardsmen given to the Adeptus Mechanicus for use as servitors, with all records wiped from the campaign list. There is now only a small PDF force of 10,760 stationed on HERTS II between the 2 cities.

HISTORY of HERTS II: The 5th planet in the ING-GERLAND system was the last to be colonised after a Mechanicum survey team from MARS discovered unusually high concentrations of Gruts Ore. This ore required by the Adeptus Mechanicus Forges to produce the Imperial Guard Las Guns power cells. The Adepts from the forge worlds sent mining teams to conduct prelim digs to confirm the ores purity. The fist couple of teams sent in disappeared just after there digs began. No trace of them was found, but their equipment was found still and abandoned where the teams were sent. Several more teams were sent and Arch Magos JAKAN of the Forge World QUANTIS PRIME was pleased with their finds. The missing teams were noted as acceptable losses for searches of a new planet. The mines were built and the colonisation of the planet started. The 2 cities were formed and the planet began production. The mines extended into the planes of the planet. With the planes being heavily mined, the Mountain ranges were surveyed for there potential.

To Date: Since the exploration of the mountains several more mining teams have gone missing leaving no trace of any person. The transports would turn up at their scheduled slot to collect the mined ore, to find that the mines deserted. Until the MINE CORE DELTA-VI incident, MINE CORE DELTA-VI was mining in the Aston ranges south north-east of Kneb’WORTH. The mine suffered a power failure one night. While tech teams saw to the disruption in production, a faint green glow came over the mine. The next things the miners and overseers saw were green lighting strikes followed by ghastly shapes walking about. Workers were reporting hearing screams all over the plant. The shapes were seen dragging the workers away. Several miners managed to escape and flee to the mountains. They made there way to Kneb’WORTH where they reported what they had seen. The Houses not wanting to bring notice to the planet and disruption to the mining quotas, decide to have the workers silenced for their safety. Unbeknown to the ruling Houses a young Inquisitorial Integrator working on behalf of the ORDO XENOS and stationed on HERTS II while awaiting transport to another system. He caught wind of the rumours of what happened at MINE
CORE DELTA-VI. He made a few enquires and sent message back to the ORDO XENOS. A secret Inquisitorial team was despatched straight away  to try and contain the situation and examine its origins. When the team failed to report back to the ORDO, a new team, an Adeptus Astartes DEATHWATCH team, led by an Inquisitor Lord was sent this time to confront the Houses and solve the rumours that were spreading throughout the system.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Black Library event and UK Bootaz meeting @ Warhammer World

March 5 saw me attending the Black Library event held at Warhammer World (WW)- Nottingham, UK. It was the first time I have been to this and only my second time to WW. The event was billed as come and meet the authors and hear what they have to say about their work. Q&A sessions and book signings, as well as picking up some early releases. I picked up a copy of the new Garro audio story Garro-Legion of One. A very good story following on from his trip to Terra to warn the Emperor of Horus's plan. With a nice twist at the end (no spoilers here, nothing to see move along).
I jumped in on a talk by some of the authors about their audio work. a very interesting time. I then jumped on the Graham McNeill ( who I shared the milk with at the bar earlier that morning in Bugman's Bar) Q&A session, again gleaming some bits about his work.And lastly the Horus Heresy authors, another good Q&A session.

This was coincided with meeting with fellow UK Bootaz for a game or two of 40k. I met up with Brother Grim, James, Tigerstyle, Ironlord, Happyb00zer21, farthestgoose, MickeyP2K, Lemonsucker55, Andy, EvisRaptor and a couple of others who names I have forgotten. We did not play on the Saturday but played a 5,000 point a-side game on the Sunday. The teams were Me-Necrons, Ironlord-Chaos Marines, Tigerstyle-Sisters of Battle, EvisRaptor-Imperial Guard and MickeyP2K-Salamanders V James-Salamanders(2000pts), Brother Grim-Space Wolves, Andy-Space Wolves and farthestgoose-Space Marines. Well to shorten the game down a little mine and Ironlord got a besting from the both sets of Space Wolves. and We lost the game on kill points by about 10. Never mind better luck next time.

I had a great time and will be joining the gang again in May for our next meeting.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Freebootaz Moto Challenge 2011

Freebootaz Moto Challenge 2011
Well i have started poorly this my first year in the challenge. A bit of background about the challenge. It is designed to help you paint models to a time scale that some fine hard to keep (I for one). Each month you have a set unit to paint to a standard. On completion you get an award (wooo I hear you say). If you model is finished by the middle of the month you get a Gold award. By the end of the month a Silver and by the end of the year a Bronze. So far I'm in line for a wooden spoon.
so the rules in full. Credit goes to Andy of the Freebootaz forum for this.
1. Have fun!
2. Models must have 3 colours plus some form of basing (tourney minimum) to be considered a complete challenge. Painting further then that is not only permitted, but encouraged!
3. The unit must conform to the Force Org slot that we're doing this month. Also, Painting on the unit may not commence until the 1st of the month, earliest. The idea is so that we all start at the same time.
A) Exceptions to the rule are permitted in the case of substitution. If you have no intention of fielding any Elites/Fast Attack/Heavy Support in your force, you may substitute in any unit you wish.
4. The Unit being painted does not always have to be from the same army; you may paint more than one army at a time.
5. The Unit must at least consist of the minimum required to field it. Therefore Marines must paint at least 5 models, Orks 10, etc...
B) In the case of guard armies, or armies that require more than 10 models to field a unit, 10 models is sufficient. Ergo you need not paint 2 platoons and a Command Platoon to complete unless you want to.
6. There are three levels of completion, geared towards different painting styles. Icons are given out based on type of completion.
C) i. Gold Icons are given out for those who start their models on the 1st and complete their challenge by the 15th. This is to encourage finishing the unit so that they have a the rest of the month to work on other projects that aren't as urgent.ii. Silver Icons are given out to those who start painting on the 1st of the month, and complete their challenge by the end of the month.
iii) Bronze Icons are for if you complete the challenge outside of the month intended.7.

The order of play for each month is-

Jan - Bootaz Choice
Feb – Troop
March – HQ
April – Troop
May – Elite
June – Heavy Support
July – Fast Attack
Aug – Elite
Sept – Heavy Support
Oct – Bootaz Choice including Toys for Tots
Nov – Fast Attack
Dec – Objective Markers / Terrain /Display Board

My story so far-

January's choice for me was a Free choice. I chose (drum roll) The metal Ven Dreadnought. Not the easiest to put together as I found out loosing the 2 fingers of the power fist. I threw them away with the clippings. Not a good move. It missed the deadline and now sits on my kitchen table torso and legs base coated.
February's choice even better. I chose a tac squad and ended up only putting together 1 marine legs head and torso not in that order.
March is faring a little better as in I have paint on the model. I chose a Librarian. Not just any one but Forge World's Sevrin Loth. I will be keeping him in blue but that of the Ultramarines. So far I have his arms attached and him base coated. I need to base coat the base, backpack and shoulder guards.
Lets keep fingers crossed to being able to get him some where near finished by the end of the month.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Exploites of Wookie Jedi - pt 1

Well this is the first time I have tried doing some thing like this. I do hope that it works out.
A little background about me first.
I hale original from Wood Green in London, UK. I now live in Stevenage, Herts with my wife and daughters (meant to have boys for the hobby thing but would not change them).

I have been into Games Workshop since 1988 when a I was first shown a copy of White Dwarf by a friend at a Scout camp. I have been collecting the mag ever since (poss missing a few issues, starting from 104).
I started to get some Space Marines for birthdays and Christmas from my parents but did nothing with them.
I had a brief break from collecting models and then started back into the hobby in about 2002. I stared to paint my Marines in the Poster Boy colours of the Ultramarines. I then decided to play a different race as every one in the store (Enfield - now closed) was also playing marines and it was getting rather boring. This was all during 3rd ed. I have collected about 2k-3k of Necrons since.
I then moved to Stevenage and had my second daughter so the hobby has taken a back seat till I found 40K Radio. I have started to get back into it with a outing to London for a drink with a few of the UK Bootaz (fathestgoose, Brother Grim, Ultra Taff, glenoxo and one other I cant remember sorry). I then attended the Black Library event at Warhammer World on the 5th March 2011 and met up with the UK Bootaz again and meet a few more (Lemonsucker55, Andy, EvisRaptor, Happyb00zer21 & his girlfriend, Ironlord, James, MickeyP2K, Tigerstyle). We played a 4 a-side game with the winning team of fathestgoose, Brother Grim, Andy & James coming out on top. And Me Ironlord, MickeyP2K, Tigerstyle & EvisRaptor Loosing on Kill points.It was a good game and only my second in 5th ed.

I now plan to meet up with the UK guys as much as possible as I don't have a local club and the GW in Stevenage is very small and I don't like the manager.
I am trying to get at least one entry into this years Moto Challenge (not working out too well so far).

So as a when I feel like posting an entry I will and I'll endeavour to post up when I have complete or when I have WIP.

In the mean time Courage & Honour Brothers