Monday, 22 April 2013

The Freebootaz forum

So time to pimp the forum that I belong to.

40k Radio podcast have their own subscription based forum called The Freebootaz. It costs about $30 /£20 for a years subs. It is a family friendly forum with no Trolls of flaming. Your opinion is exactly that we will not try and tell you yours.

We have members from across the globe with the larger contingent coming from the USA followed by the UK. There are sub clubs for these regions where Bootaz (forum members) regularly get together for gaming. The UK Bootaz go up to Warhammer World in Nottingham for gaming, socials and Games Workshop events.

If you fancy joining follow the link below join up give the forum a go and join in a great world wide gaming community.

40k Radio website

The Freebootaz go to Salute 2013

So Salute came and the Freebootaz went and had a blast. Our first attendance in an official capacity.
A table was set with some fine looking models thanks to Andy for his Wolves, Orks, Deathwatch. Cowface for his friends Storm Ravens, me for a few Necrons and I think the star attraction was Brother Grim's 2 Warhound and the Reaver Titans. These seemed to pull in the crowds.

We were there promoting our forum The Freebootaz the official forum of 40K Radio podcast.

There were loads of stands with some great models and games to be had. Here is a few of the flyers/cards that I picked up.

What I realy liked about these is their "Black OPS" Exo-Lords. models that haven't fell to far for the GW tree by the look. Some very impressive looking "SM" with great weapons options.

A company that produces some modular tables and scenery.
including a great looking BloodBowl pitch for £60 unpainted and £90 painted. Had a hold of this peice and wasnt heavy totransport at all.

Makers of some great looking fantasy (yes I dare mention square basing on a round base forum) Dwarves.

makers of some great looking Dawn Of Apocalypse & 2000AD models

Makers of Laser cut MDF painting trays and stands/racks of various sorts. They do Paint brush stands, Display racks and much more!

A kickstarter for a grest looking fantasy wrestling game
"Da Clash!" is a boardgame with miniatures for 2 players created and developed by Ammon Miniatures. Fun, fast and addictive, a game lasts for about 20 minutes.

"Unique in its kind and innovative, it is a perfect crossover between a miniatures game and a board game. Da Clash! is intended for both pure gamers and miniatures lovers.
Inspired by the Mexican Lucha Libre, Z m"

Ive jumped in this as I think that it would be a great little travel game to have.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Let the Wookie Win!!!

Well the Wookie is back in the game! I have finally done it and got back on the hobbying horse (Not the rocking kind). After what seams like a long time I have re-acquainted my hobby tools with my hands. I've been off work now since Jan 31st after having a op to remove some of the end of my collar bone. So While sat at a job rehabilitation center in sunny (well snowing actually) Oxfordshire country side I decided to bring some new Necrons with me and get on with the job in hand.
So what have I done then? Ive so far built a 3 Tomb Blades from my secret Santa, A Command Barge and half way through a Ghost Ark. Hope to have them all prepped for painting by the end of the week. I then am hoping for a Air Brush for my B'Day so will then be able to get painting again.

Stay posted for further updates

Stay Frosty

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

First of Happy New Year to all that read my blog.
 A big thanks for those that have taken time to read the little that I have written about so far I plan to do more this year both writing and hobbying. But with anything and best laid plans it may happen or it may not.

Well The new year is in and that means new challenges in real life and also gaming. I plan to try and do the Freebootaz yearly painting challenge. I have mentioned it before in one of my past posts. We are set goals for each month to paint to table top standard a model or models that fall into that months category. If you finish by the middle of the month you get Gold, by the end of the month Silver and finished any time that year Bronze. So my challenge is to re do my Necron force as the new codex has been out for a while now. I need to gather some new units to add to my horde.

The Painting
well I think that I will re base coat all what I have and then go from there I have a gut feeling to a red and black colour scheme. Trying to uses the Games Workshop black and green theme that they did as a guide to do mine replacing the green for the red. As long as I try and make time for this I don't see why I shouldn't have a nice looking force some time soon. I will be bloging their progress and poss a tutorial on how I do it.

I have a friendly little tournament to attend in Feb. This will be my first attempt at something competitive so we shall see how it goes and if I can I will have an entry covering it.

Thats all for now and I'll see you soon

Monday, 6 June 2011

UK FREEBOOTAZ@Warhammer World pt 1

UK FREEBOOTAZ - Warhammer World
27-29th May 2011
The UK Freebootaz get together at Warhammer World, Nottingham UK saw some unexpected results and fun had by all who attended. The week end started with Ironlord travelling down from sunny Scotland and arriving at WW at 1000 hrs (yes that’s right that early) he found himself the only Freeboota there so got stuck in and ordered a pint and continued the day. Next to arrive was Farthestgoose followed by Brother Grim (unofficial Leader of the UK Bootaz) and his chauffer me WookieJedi. This was followed by Mr_Mrs­_HappyBoozer. No games were played but there was drinking to be had. We all left Bugman’s Bar to our respected dwelling for the night. After a nights sleep sharing a Travelodge room with Brother Grim & Farthestgoose (dubious stains on the sofa bed and the double bed sloping down towards the head end) a hearty breakfast at the famous golden arches (McDonalds for those you don’t know), we heeded to WW to meet the rest of the Bootaz at 1000 hrs. So gaming day 1 saw myself, Brother Grim, Farthestgoose, Mr_Mrs­_HappyBoozer, Lemonsucker55, Ironlord, MickeyP2K, Spacebulk and Kyle (non Freeboota), all muster in Bugman’s bar for the pre game coffee, larger in the case of Ironlord (man those Scotsmen know how to start the day). Brother Grim (SW) & Farthestgoose (SM) joined forces to face off against Lemonsucker55 (CSM) & Spacebulk (CSM). Mr_Mrs­_HappyBoozer (Mr IG, Mrs Nids) played Ironlord (CSM) & Kyle (GK).
I was facing MickeyP2K’s 1750pt Imperial Armour-Armoured Battle Group list of tank after tank after tank. Well some might say that I should be scared, but I field an army of Necron gauss weapons and they like vehicles (6’s to glance on all gauss weapons). We rolled of for mission and rolled Annihilation with Spearhead deployment. This meant kill points (most units killed wins) and table quarters. I was pleased with this as I haven’t played any objective based game for quite some time and this made it easy for me to concentrate on, and it also saw all the tanks piled up in one area and not spread out over the place. 
Turn 1- Well first turn not much happened I held my Monolith in reserve and pushed all my force up to the front line to start using the Gauss to full effect. They took a turret off one tank. The Pie plates of the AC downed a few Necrons but they got back up again.

Turn 2- Saw my Monolith drop in amongst the tanks (very nice) and it started to use its gauss to immobilise and halt the tanks in their tracks. The pie plates still rained down on the Necrons downing but not getting rid of that many. MickeyP2K thought it was his game until the gauss started.

Turn 3- the Monolith is taking it's toll...on the AC. The Tomb Stalker started to slice and dice it's way through the armour and the Pariahs will be in assault range this turn!

 Turn 4- The Necrons started to take some kill points starting with the sentinels. The monolith still was a large thorn in the side of the AC. They just could not stop it. The pie plates just could not bring down enough Necrons to phase them out.

Turn 5- The guard started to claim some kill points back taking out the Tomb Stalker. The monolith still held strong tying the tanks in place and knocking off weapons. Current score Necrons 3 v AC 2 going into turn 6.

Turn 6- The Necrons took some more weapons off the tanks but not enough damage to destroy another vehicle. The AC took out the Necron destroyers to draw the game in turn 6. Final result Necrons 3 Armoured Company 3. A good game that I thought I would loose very quickly.

Monday, 23 May 2011

May 2011 UK Freebootaz meet @ Warhammer World

This weekend see the meeting of the UK Freebootaz at Games Workshop's Warhammer World (WW).

Most of the guys will be there Saturday & Sunday with some of us die hards getting there on the Friday night for a few drinks. It will see me pitching my Necrons at 1750 points against MickeyP2K's Imperial Armour Guard list. I may bring a surprise of a Pylon or Tomb Stalker along for the fun.

I will update the Blog with the result and what went down over the course of the week end.

Courage & Honour


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Salute 2011

                                                                                                           Salute 2011 Show Model

So today was the South London Warlords Wargaming Club annual SALUTE event @ London Excel Centre.
The event is held every year where there are table top war games from varied manufacturers from Weird, Mantic Games, Perry Miniatures, Privateer Press, MicroArt Studio, Maximini, Heresy, Hasslefree Miniatures, Chessex UK, Wayland Games. There were demo games and lots more.

The Highlights for me were looking at the different resin bases made by the various companys, getting my first Battlefoam Bag from Wayland Games. I also got to have a chat to The Foamy Overlord aka Romeo along with some of the other UK Freebootaz that went.

So a shout out to the UK Freebootaz that I saw and chatted to at the event, Brother Grim, Ultra Taff, Wizard, Mr & Mrs Happyboozer. It was great catching up and there are plans in the pipe line for a southern meet up some time soon. Back to the chat with Romeo, he let slip that since Brother Grim had been to Adepticon earlier that month, 40k radio co host Rick has been non stop talking about Brother Grim. He let slip that there may be a little crush going on. Looking forword to seeing more of this develop!

So apart for that it was a good day and will be along next year no dout.
Wookie Jedi