Thursday, 4 April 2013

Let the Wookie Win!!!

Well the Wookie is back in the game! I have finally done it and got back on the hobbying horse (Not the rocking kind). After what seams like a long time I have re-acquainted my hobby tools with my hands. I've been off work now since Jan 31st after having a op to remove some of the end of my collar bone. So While sat at a job rehabilitation center in sunny (well snowing actually) Oxfordshire country side I decided to bring some new Necrons with me and get on with the job in hand.
So what have I done then? Ive so far built a 3 Tomb Blades from my secret Santa, A Command Barge and half way through a Ghost Ark. Hope to have them all prepped for painting by the end of the week. I then am hoping for a Air Brush for my B'Day so will then be able to get painting again.

Stay posted for further updates

Stay Frosty

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